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Flexible and affordable solutions engineered to support collaboration and best care practices across the continuum

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Our user-friendly, highly configurable Care Management platform provides unprecedented efficiency and flexibility

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Team up with our Clinical & Technical Specialists to architect interoperable, precise, and streamlined systems

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A Unique Alternative

Essette offers a robust highly customizable alternative to ‘shrink wrapped’ applications. Our web-based solutions help users streamline workflow, comply with regulatory requirements, and most importantly, improve patient care outcomes.

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Why Can’t Care Coordination be as simple as making Spaghetti Sauce?

At heart, Essette’s CEO, Andy Gaudette, is a process engineer and solution thinking runs through his veins like spaghetti sauce. Yes, you read that correctly! …Read More >

Release the Power of Block Snippets: Essette Correspondence

If you haven’t yet become familiar with snippets, Essette would like to introduce you to some powerful functionality that clients have been using in various creative ways…Read More >

What is invisible in the EMRs? The patient’s life

Essette’s CIO/Tech Strategist explains that even with impressive improvements, a huge gap remains between our current EMR/HIE patient systems, and what is needed to truly “represent” our patients lives…Read More >